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Texting on the toilet

I swear this is a 100% true story (it just happened to me)!

I was just in the bathroom and I heard this strange "tap tap tap" noise. It took me a second to recognize the noise... it was the sound of someone texting and it was coming from one of the toilet stalls.

Yes that is right, there was a woman sitting on the toilet texting. To make matters even worse then she flushed the toilet so she probably was texting while she was using the toilet. X_X That is such a germy and disgusting and GROSS thing to do I don't even have words for it. It was a good thing I was struck mute once I realized what was going on or I might have yelled "OMG THAT IS SO GROSS!" loud enough for the whole floor to hear. I mean how in the world can someone have such an important message to send that they need to text while sitting on the toilet in a public restroom? EW.



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Oct. 7th, 2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
maybe gross, but normal
Provided you take care of what you touch I don't really find the practice that unhygienic. Well, maybe it's a bit gross, but then what's in real life is not? About 40 percent of people don't wash their hands when leaving the toilet and then grab the peanuts. That's gross, but it's life. Aren't you reading on the toilet? Many people do. What's the difference to using a laptop?
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