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Myspace Girl

Note: The video can't be embedded in other media, but you can still view it on youtube here. (The band made it available.)

Okay, I found this, which isn't really THAT geeky, but I just LOVE the girl's reaction during the second verse. HAHAHAAHAH!

This video was produced by the music group "The Afters." The song is based on how the The After's former bass player met and married his wife. (It's their photo at the end of the video.)

Xtranormal: An Infomertial

So as a Geeky Girl, I pride myself on my geeky discoveries. Recently I found out about Xtranormal, a text-to-movie website/program that basically allows you to direct your own simple, two character movies.

Below is the first movie I made, which acts as a pretty good Xtranormal infomertial. For the record, I'm the brown dog/bear and Myrrhlynn is supposed to be the peach-ish colored one.

Fall 2010 Anime Preview

Woohoo! Let's get this show on the road and start discussing the anime for the Fall 2010 season! Now because I am 1.) Efficient and 2.) Lazy, I am not going to outline all the shows that will be featured in this season. In fact I'm only hitting four. If you want to see ALLLLLLL the shows click on the link at the bottom of the article. If there is a particular show you want to discuss, make a comment and

First up we have Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan--Season 2: I don't really think this show needs an explanation. I believe most females interested in anime have seen this, but since I'm one of the few that doesn't watch it, I'll briefly discuss it. Season 2 is a continuation of the first season in which Chizuru Yukimura, the daughter of a doctor who vanishes on a trip to Kyoto, witnesses a Shinsengumi member turn into an oni before her eyes. Some of the hottest shinsengumi members explain that this odd transformation was brought about by her father, so Chizuru and the Shinsengumi search for him. So. Yeah.

Next we have Otome Youkai Zakuro: This anime is set in a historical (Meiji era I believe) alternate Japan. According to the description, half-younin girls are placed with regular human military personnel to fight evil doers. (A younin is basically like...magical beings. Think fox spirits.) This one sounds interesting, but I have made the mistake before of thinking an anime sounds awesome only to find out it actually is for an ecchi video game or something.

Bakuman stars two high school students, an artist and a writer, who--together with a wanna be girl voice actress said artist deeply likes--set out to become famous mangaka and hopefully create a storyline that will get its own anime! This story sounds... unusual. I'm dearly hoping it's funny, but I think the show could either tank or pull it off.

For you mystery/supernatural lovers there's Psychic Detective Yakumo. Yakumo is an unkempt university student who has a red eye and suposedly possess spiritual powers. He is approached by Ozawa Haruka, who's friend is possessed by a spirit. After convincing Haruka that his powers are the real deal, Yakumo and Haruka set off the aid Haruka's friend. Um... my summary makes this series sound cute, but it's not. Sorry.

Of course, there is also Letter Bee Reverse, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Hyaka Samurai Girls, Hetalia Axis Powers the 4th season annnddd many many more!

Here is a list! Be sure to vote in the poll!!

Poll #1621147 Fall 2010 anime

What Fall 2010 anime are you most looking forward to?

Hakuouki Shinsengumi, the second season
Hetallia Powers, the fourth season
Arakawa Under the Bridge, second season
Otome Youkai Zakuro
Letter Bee Reverse
Hyakka Samurai Girls
Psychic Detective Yakumo
Yosuga no sora
Pokemon!!!111 itz s0 c00lz!
None! I hate anime!!
None!! I'm so disappointed with the anime for the past few season (blah, blah, blah)
For the record, the manga version will ALWAYS be better.


Project Draco AKA Dragon Riding

One more thing I quickly wanted to talk about! For the most part I've completely ignored all the Kinect talk (the new motion controller for the X-box 360) because most of the games look dumb and involve a lot of jumping, which would get really boring after awhile - not to mention hard to do in an apartment building as your downstairs neighbors are going to get really mad at you. So basically I had NO plans to ever buy the thing.

That all changed yesterday when they announced a new game made especially for the Kinect, Project Draco! In this case "draco" isn't the Harry Potter character it's short for "draconic" aka dragon! You get to ride a dragon!! WOOHOO! Sadly it's probably not going to be available until 2011. I really hope they don't go the way of Wii and make it a fun but really short and overpriced game. The demo below is really awesome and totally gives away the fact that the team working on it has worked on the Panzer Dragoon series. Here's an article with more information about it: http://www.1up.com/news/project-draco-announced-kinect

Thoughts? Would you play a game where you ride a dragon? Personally I think buying a Kinect is now in my future. XD

Watson the Creepy Stalker

Hi hi everyone! Sorry, things have been crazy at work and I've kind of fallen off the "in the know truck" for geeky video game and anime news. I'll have to get around to doing the summer anime wrap up soon! (Isn't it depressing that the summer season is almost over, at least for those of us that live on the top half of the globe. ;) )

I found this pointless and funny video and wanted to share it, I'm guessing the developers were trying to be "helpful" and make sure Watson stayed with you and you didn't loose him in the building. The creepy thing is he never says anything, I mean usually NPCs don't shut up if they are trying to prompt you to make your next move. The creepy music that was added in, just makes it more wonderful. Three cheers for clever video editing! XD

Geek Girl Heros: Samus Aran

Hello my fellow geek girls! I'm here today to talk to you about Samus Aran, the heroine of the popular "Metroid" series. Yahoo discusses the character of Samus in the gaming article, 'Who Is Samus Aran?" 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the eleven game long Metroid series, Samus Aran is a bounty hunter who protects the galaxy from space pirates. As a child her family, and most of the people on her planet, were killed by space pirates.

You guys have no idea how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find a real Samus image that isn't fanart.

In the article yahoo writer Joe Dodson explains that the part of Samus was originally pitched to be a male. Dodson writes, "Created by Makoto Kano in 1986 for his action video game Metroid, Samus was originally intended to be a man -- until someone on the staff noted that it would be interesting to have players discover that they'd been playing as a woman the whole time. A vote ensued, and the “he” became a 'she.'"

Dodson goes on to explain that the Metroid series was inspired by Ridley Scott's 1979 sci fi novel, Alien.

So why give Samus this post in Geek Girl talk? Because in my book Samus is a Geek Girl Hero. First of all, she pretty much broke the females role in video games. Everyone did assume they were playing as a dude in Metroid, which was first released in 1986, the next Samus game was released in 1991. Think about it, a 1986 video game? Samus was one of the first female main characters, if not THE first. 

Plus the other Nintendo females around in that age weren't exactly inspiring. You had Peach, who was constantly getting herself kidnapped, and Zelda, who was constantly begging Link to save her nation from ruin. (That isn't to say Zelda's character didn't shape up in later games though.)

Now days, in 2010, Samus has been joined by other strong heroines like Lightning from FF XIII and Lara Croft the Tomb Raider, and it's getting more common to find strong female characters rather than back-seat-driving, useless, happy-homemaker girl characters who do nothing but get themselves kidnapped and almost killed.

The interesting thing is that Metroid generally sells better in America than it does in Japan. Additionally, many American media outlets, like IGN, Electronic Gamers Monthly, and user sites like GameFAQs have rated the series and its games as one of the best. It would be easy to say that the game sells better in America because we are a more feminist/women empowering nation. However, not only does that sound a little much, but I suspect there is more than just our views on females that makes the difference here. What do you guys think?

At a Glance Game Reviews: Syberia

So I'm FINALLY reviewing a game! Syberia is for the Nintendo DS, and I'll be honest. I've played it for less than thirty minutes. (Hence the "at a glance" title.)

Geekyness level: Negative actually.
Rating: two out of five

The premise of the game is promising. You're a lawyer who is sent to try and buy this old toy factory. The thing is, the woman who owned it died while you were jetting your way over. The game description reads: "Due to an unexpected twist, [your] business trip quickly becomes a journey across land and time, throwing all [you] values into question, while the deal she [you] out to sign becomes a pact with destiny..."

This game might actually become decent if you're willing to play it long enough, but I played it for like 20 minutes and I was stuck in this stupid inn the WHOLE TIME.

The graphics are sub par, which I am generally okay with if the story line holds up. The thing is the story line is reaaalllyyy sketchy. The opening video (which doesn't include a title or anything) is just you, the female attorney, watching this funeral procession. (The video graphics are actually very good. It's the gameplay that can make your character look  pixilated.)


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Kitty attempts Duck Hunt

Guess it's the week of time wasting videos here on Geek Girl Talk. But I saw this and after I saved myself from dying from the *~*CUTE*~* overload it offers I knew I had to share it. The sad thing is I think I sometimes look very similar to this cat when I play Duck hunt: "OMYGOSH GET IT GET IT GET IT, AHHH IT'S OFF SCREEN BUT MAYBE I CAN STILL GET IT, OH WAIT THERE'S ANOTHER ONE." Yeah... actually maybe there are too many similarities...

Good point?


Hahah, found this time wasting video tucked away on youtube. XD It is so true. I swear I have this relationship with my laptop as well. If I'm like "I so need to get something done" my computer is like "HEEEYYY! It's been a while since you visited this fun website! <3 click on it!"

So anyway, you like?

Final Fantasy XIII Voice Actor Fun

Okay, okay, okay. I WILL be reviewing video games and you can expect another interview soon, but those kinds of posts just take soooo long, so in order to distract you whilst I whip up a review, here is a funny video that you MUST watch if you've played Final Fantasy XIII, or any kind of RPG game that has those absolutely useless "Steelguard"/defensive moves that do nothing besides drain your SP.