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In a move that may make or break the newly released Final Fantasy XIV Online, Square Enix has built into the game a leveling time cap.

For those of you who have never played an MMORPG, the basic idea of the game is to get a high leveled character. The hardcore gamers can accomplish this goal in a matter of weeks, or even days if they are obsessive enough. Square Enix has put a stop to the leveling craze by adding an 8 hour leveling limit per week.

Of course, there are ways around it. The game has a built in armory system that let's you change your class. For instance you may be a wizard type character, but if you switch from a staff to a bow you become an archer. The 8 hour time limit is per class, which means you get 8 hours to level as a wizard, 8 more hours to level as an archer, and so on and so forth. Plus it's not like the computer cuts you off after the 8 hour mark. Instead the longer you level the slower you gain exp until you're barely crawling along.

This does mean, however, that no one is going to be able to whiz to the top of the leveling cap (the highest level available) in a matter of days.

Square Enix reportedly made the leveling cap in an effort to level the playing grounds so to speak. With this leveling cap a person with a family who works full time has the same chance of leveling as a gaming addict.

While some hardcore gamers are crying foul play, many other websites, like GameRadar, applaud Square Enix's effort to force gamers to live a healthier life style.

I personally like this idea. Face it, it isn't healthy to be spending loads of time on an MMORPG, plus even with the 8 hour leveling cap there's still loads to do. Some people are complaining, however, that Final Fantasy XIV Online and Final Fantasy XIII (Which stars the amazing female character, Lightning.) are signs that Square Enix is no longer catering to the hardcore gaming crowd and is instead looking for a newbie audience.

I'll be honest, I never really got why everyone complained about Final Fantasy XIII. Yeah, the fighting system was easier, but only if you can think and press the right buttons at the speed of light. It might be a little easier for battles, but I am certainly not complaining. It saves me the time of spending HOURS of battling and leveling in order to get my wimpy characters up to a high enough level so they don't get pummeled by the bosses. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Square Enix isn't necessarily being more newbie friendly as much as they are creating games that can be played and finished in a shorter amount of time. I appreciate this fact because I don't have the time (or the patience) that I had in high school, and I like being able to speed through a game.

To me Final Fantasy XIV Online is the same idea. If I buy the game I can play it for a REASONABLE amount of time and still have a nice character that isn't incredibly wimpy compared to everyone else.

So what do you guys think about the leveling cap? Good idea? Bad idea? (View the video before to see Final Fantasy XIV Online's AMAZING graphics!!)