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New Zealand Geeky Fact #2

For Geeky Fact #2 I selected Dart River! ...Although calling it a river might look like  a stretch in this photo.

Okay, let's set the stage for this photo. The mountain that's going off the photo on the right side is the mountain I featured in Geeky Fact #1. This area, which is named Paradise, was used extensively to film Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and Wolverine.
Today's focus is the river, specifically that gap you see where the river flows between the forest. That is the exact location where they filmed the first part of Prince Caspian. (When Prince Caspian is being chased by a bunch of soldiers on horseback and they plunge into a river before zooming back into the forest.) If you watch the movie it's actually very easy to spot this location. Dart River is VERY distinctive with it's gravel banks, and it appears in the first five minutes of the film.