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Geek Girl Talk

Cause we're not just a myth.

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Geek Girl Talk
About Us
This is actually more of a blog cleverly disguised as a community. The only reason it's a community is to make it easy for people to watch/follow and easier for there to be more than one writer contributing. As a member you'll be able to comment but you won't be able to make new posts. We accept most everyone as members (including guys) and there isn't a certain geek level required to join.

Since most everything "geeky" on the net is male dominated, especially the reviews and discussions it was time for some geek girls to take a turn and give our honest opinions about what we love (and what we hate). And yes, this is one of the few places on the internet where you will find serious discussion about how hot or not hot a male video game character is. Plus most of the "geek girl" sites that currently exist are all about "educating" women/girls about technology or coding, so it was time to focus on the less serious (and way more fun) side of being a geek girl.
I'm old enough that when I first "discovered" the internet in middle school it was still a very new thing where you could impress people by making an animated gif and the Yahoo home page was only displayed it what felt like 7 colors. I quickly realized that while I didn't enjoy staring at code all day long it could be pretty fun in small doses. In a high school programming class I skipped to the end of the book and used a tutorial they included to write my own target practice game, which I played all period long. The best part was my teacher didn't feel like he could stop me since I had technically used the book. In college my roommate and I took great joy out of luring unsuspecting guys in our dorm into playing SSX Tricky with us. We would then proceed to thoroughly pwned them well we carried on a conversation with each other at the same time. And now as the owner of Daystar Design, a huge anime/manga/video game graphic site, I am surprised/freaked out on a regular basis by how many people from all over the world have visited my site.
KM Shea
My specialty in Geek Girl Talk is undoubtedly video games and books. I'm a girl gamer, Nintendo was my first system affair. (N64, I will love you forever.) It was through Nintendo that I fell in love with RPGs due to the influence of Zelda. Myrrhlynn encouraged my love of video games by buying a PS2 (Which I have since obtained) and a Gamecube. And finally, I am a proud Wii owner, and quite jealous of Myrrh's Xbox 360, although she very kindly lends it to me. I finish my gamer geekdom with a Japanese minor. I'm probably at an intermediate level, although my reading skills aren't as sharp as my listening skills. Anyway, I'm also the certified book/writer geek. I was a quarter finalist for the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, (yay!) and I've also worked on the sets of two movies. Booya!
Interested in having your site or community listed here? Just drop myrrhlynn a note! We only accept sites that are somehow "geeky" so it needs to be about anime, video games, general technology or something along those lines.